Chambray Organdy Ribbon #8 Grayed Jade

This is the Chambray Organdy Ribbon from SHINDO (S.I.C.). This organdy ribbon's feature is its representation of a jewel beetle, looking like a different color depending on the angle from which it is viewed because the weft and warp threads are different colors. It is often used for wrapping, but as it comes in 24 colors and 8 sizes, it has a wide range of uses in clothing, such as for decorative stitches, borders, and for linking together reversible designs.

SKU SIC-116-8
Sales Unit Meter (up to 10 meters) or Roll
Available Width 9mm 12mm 18mm 25mm 36mm 50mm 72mm 100mm
Material Nylon100%
Thickness 0.3mm
Touch Soft
Manufacturing Process Piece Dyeing
Washing Marks
Manufacturer SHINDO (Made in Japan)
Put-up 30 Meters Roll (50% Savings)
Shipment Timing Within 3 Business Days
  • Sales unit in meters, will be jointless. We will cut it to your desired length(up to 10 meters). We will send you one 10 meters and one 5 meters, if you order 15 meters long.
  • Sales unit in roll, you will not be able to get a designation of the seamless(extra containing it if there is a seam).
  • There could be a difference between real color of the product and the color through your display, because of the settings and performance.
  • For your special use, sample testing is required.
  • Regarding proper care of each item, refer to the washing marks in the description.
  • Please don't use bleach because it will cause discoloration.
  • Please test these items for changes in color and shape and for running of colors when using a hot iron, steam or pressing.
  • Please don't leave these items in a wet condition as it may cause color change. If it is wet, please dry it immediately.
  • Some color numbers can vary in color due to different dye-lots.
  • Width can vary slightly in measurement.
  • Please conduct your own tests for shrinkage. Your own sewing tests are also recommended to avoid sewing errors and seam puckering in bulk production. After conducting your own tests, please appropriate care label to the garment.
  • Please remove stains by laundering or dry cleaning.
  • Acids or alkalis can damege yarn, especially to lame and Dacron film yarn. Please note that those materials need to be kept away from harmful chemicals. Wool products and rubber materials also need to be treated with care.
  • The deep color items sewed to white or pastel cloth may cause color staining. Please be aware of that possibility when you using them.
  • As there is a possibility that dark items may cause color migration, please separate whites and pastels from the dark items when washing.
  • Please avoid long periods of exposure to strong sunlight. It may cause discoloration or brittleness.
  • Because shrinkage by washing is large, this commodity recommends the dry cleaning.
  • Please avoid contact with materials whose surfaces are rough, such as concrete, sand, gravel and rocks.
  • Some item may be discontinued or changed spec(color, size, material and put up etc.) without notice due to material supply problem. Your kind consent is appreciated.

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There could be a difference between real color of the product and the color through your display, because of the settings and performance. If you are not sure about color, please ask us before oredering.

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